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S.KO COOL 125 Years Limited Edition

Smart Transportation Is the Complete Solution for Your Box Trailer.

The Anniversary Package.

Schmitz Cargobull has provided trailblazing transport solutions successfully for 125 years. Exclusively for this anniversary, we offer our customers throughout Europe a limited-edition equipment package for the S.KO COOL semi-trailer restricted to only 1,250 units. The package includes innovative trailer telematics hardware for smart semi-trailers at a sensational price.

The Benefits of the Anniversary Package at a Glance:

  • The third-generation TrailerConnect telematics control unit (CTU3) forms the foundation for smart trailers. Your forward-looking investment in the comprehensive digital recording of all semi-trailer data.1 With a precision odometer via the ABS sensor for the mileage and a new motion sensor capable of clearly identifying vehicle movements.
  • Reliable, low-maintenance and long lasting ROTOS running gear.
  • Long lasting and robust LED lighting system.
  • Greater safety in traffic thanks to the flashing side marking lights.
  • Diesel anti-theft protection with 125th anniversary tank cover.
  • Striking stickers on the rear: celebrate the elephant’s anniversary with us.


In combination with the EXECUTIVE PLUS package, you receive the sensors for the intelligent data acquisition by our latest-generation trailer telematics and comprehensive services for the refrigeration unit, semi-trailer and tyres. The low TCO with complete cost control enhances the efficiency while also guaranteeing improved availability and better value retention throughout the vehicle’s entire service life.

Included in the EXECUTIVE PLUS Package:

  • Premium transport refrigeration unit from Schmitz Cargobull, optionally also for MultiTemp.3
  • Trailer telematics with additional digital temperature recorder, tank sensor with LED display, coupling sensor, door contact switch and tyre pressure control system.
  • Compression roller bumper.
  • TrailerConnect Info telematics service and temperature archive.3
  • Pro-active monitoring of the refrigeration unit.3
  • Full Service for semi-trailers.
  • Full Service for tyres.
  • Full Service for refrigeration units.3
  • Financing (optional).
  • Higher residual value when returning the semi-trailer to the Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store.

The Services of the EXECUTIVE PLUS Package.

Full Service refrigeration unit:

Pro-active monitoring, coordination of the workshop appointments, maintenance, inspections, replacement of all wearing parts. Covers service and maintenance costs.3

Full Service Contract:

Covers maintenance and service costs, replacement of all wearing parts at more than 1,300 Service Partners, Europe-wide breakdown service with payment guarantee and processing via Schmitz Cargobull. Without mileage limit.

Full Service tyres:

New tyres from premium brands to match your specific needs. More than 2,500 Service Partners in Europe. The replacement costs for wear, tyre failures and impact damage are covered completely.

Trailer telematics:

Monitoring of the semi-railer and the refrigeration unit3. Control via two-way communication. The package includes: Hardware with extensive sensors as well as the TrailerConnect Info telematics service including a digital map (Google Maps) and TrailerConnect temperature archive.

Financing (optional):

Fair monthly payment including all service components for better maintaining the trailer’s value. Tailored contracts with customised durations.

1 Additional sensors enable the full capacity of the SmartTrailer. This can be configured as an option and is largely included in the EXECUTIVE PLUS package.
2 Feature in the anniversary package.
3 Feature in the EXECUTIVE package.
4 Feature in the EXECUTIVE PLUS package.
* The energy-efficient, vapour diffusion-tight design made of FERROPLAST® with a K-value of 0.33 W/m²K for the COMPLETE design saves up to 1,500 l diesel per year.

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